Albert Penello Leaving Microsoft After 18 Years of Service, Xbox Marketing

Albert Penello

When it comes to the Xbox line finding its way in the gaming industry, it probably wouldn't have gotten as far as it has without the help of Albert Penello. The senior director of Xbox helped propel the marketing for Microsoft's systems over the past few years, including the Xbox One. And today, he's departing the company after so much time was put into his tenure.

Penello took to Twitter earlier today to announce his departure, and while he didn't note what he would be working on next, he was grateful for the opportunity that was given to him.

"Well today is a crazy day. I've made the decision after 18 years to leave Microsoft. To say it's been a 'once in a lifetime' experience is an understatement. The team at #Xbox has meant so much to me and I'll be cheering them on - there is so much great stuff still to come," he noted.

With his departure, a number of Penello's colleagues and fans have voiced their gratitude for his effort in making the Xbox line-up a household name. You can see some of those tweets below.


We certainly wish Penello the best of luck in whatever he does next...whatever that may be!