Amazon Launches Retro Gaming Branch, Giving Away SNES Classics

amazon retro

The retro scene is coming back stronger than ever, with many gamers getting back into old-school gaming. (And if you need proof of that, just look at the SNES Classic selling two million units since release.) So it would help to have a place where you can celebrate your retro love while, at the same time, enjoying stuff in the here and now, right?

Amazon has such a place. The Retro Zone is focused on the mobile side of things when it comes to older games, but it has a number of goodies to offer fans, including an exclusive Glow Hockey Amazon table (for the game of the same name), an exclusive skin for Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee, and soundtracks for classic games like Raystorm and Rayforce, from Taito’s Zuntana team.

The site also features direct downloads to great mobile games, including Stranger Things: The Game, Double Dragon Trilogy and Final Fantasy V, but also has access to retro console-based gaming consoles (like the SNES Classic and 3DS XL SNES Edition, when they’re in stock), as well as retro toys, clothing and books – with each section having quite a bit to choose from.

Monthly discounts will also be offered through The Retro Zone, with markdowns on certain games, skins and other items. With the holidays coming up, Amazon is likely to push this more, especially as must-have systems like the SNES Classic get back in stock. In fact, the site is hosting a giveaway for five of these systems, so it doesn’t hurt to stop by and get all the details. (It’d make a great stocking stuffer, yeah? Even for yourself!)


There are featured pages for certain publishers as well. You’ll notice right on the front page of the shop that there are sections devoted to Nintendo, Sega, Atari and Square Enix, so you can get to the vintage physical games and apparel that you want right away, if you have a company in mind.

We wish Amazon the best of luck in making this Retro Zone grow and really giving old-school gamers a great selection to choose from. So, how about an Elevator Action Returns soundtrack? (Just a personal choice, really.)