Among Us Reveals Its Best Free Hat Yet

Among Us is adding a couple of new hats for players to wear whenever the game’s Airship update [...]

Among Us is adding a couple of new hats for players to wear whenever the game's Airship update releases, and throughout the past week or so, we've gotten previews of several of the hats that'll be added. On Friday, however, we got a look at what's perhaps the best hat of all: The "Chocolate Ice Cream" hat. Judging from the preview that's been shown already, it looks like it'll be a hat we'll see plenty of Crewmates and Imposters wearing.

The hat can be seen below, though it doesn't exactly look like ice cream at a first or even a second glance. In fact, it looks much more like poop sitting atop the player's head. The Among Us tweet that previewed the new hat insisted that it most definitely didn't look like anything other than ice cream, but we all know why people will be donning this hat whenever they're able to.

Even better than the prospect of a poop hat being added to Among Us is the idea of a free poop hat being added, and that's exactly what players will get when the Airship update is available. That update and the Airship itself are both launching on March 31st, so players will be able to adorn their characters with this hat and others while parading through the halls of the Airship by the end of the month.

This poop/ice cream hat is just one of several that we've seen over the past couple of days as well. Following the "Angry Eyebrows" hat that kicked off the reveals, we got to see a unicorn hat, too. The most recent reveal prior to the poop hat put a heart on top of players' heads, so you can switch up between that one, the poop hat, and the Angry Eyebrows to achieve a full spectrum of emotions and expression in Among Us.

All of this and more will be available at the end of the month when the highly anticipated Airship update is released.