Among Us Chicken Nugget from BTS Combo Meal Being Sold on eBay

A very special chicken nugget is being sold on eBay right now: It’s shaped like a Crewmate from [...]

A very special chicken nugget is being sold on eBay right now: It's shaped like a Crewmate from the hit game Among Us, and it came from one of the BTS Combo Meals at McDonald's. The nugget's being sold as an item to cast bids on with several eBay users already putting their bids in for the Crewmate nugget. It's not going to be edible by the time it gets to the buyer though, so it's probably best to just keep it as a collectible if you're the one who gets it.

The Among Us chicken nugget can be seen here on eBay as it's being sold by polizna, a user who said that they got the nugget from a BTS meal from McDonald's. It resembles a bipedal, egg-like shape, and if you're already primed to be thinking about Among Us before you see it, it sure does look like a Crewmate as much as a chicken nugget possibly could.

among us nugg
(Photo: eBay)

A close-up of the nugget above shows off the item being sold while preserved in a bag to keep it safe and Crewmate-y. The current highest bid on the item is $72 with 31 bids placed at the time of writing. It's got over six days left on the listing with no option to buy it immediately though, so we likely won't see the price jump up until it nears its end on the marketplace.

The price apparently wasn't always set the way that it is, however. There were reports from before that the nugget was listed on e-Bay with a set price that was over $1,000, but the seller dropped the price apparently when the nugget was previously listed. Links to those earlier listings now come up with no results, so it seems that the initial listings were pulled and replaced with one where people could bid on it, perhaps to see if people push the price up as expected whenever the bidding starts to come to a close.

If you're wondering what the big deal is about a Crewmate-shaped nugget, it's been something of a meme in the Among Us community to point out any Crewmate-like shape as one that resembles a character from the game. Those comparisons are often pretty goofy and are stretches most of the time, but as far as similarities goes, this one holds up.

The nugget will be up on eBay for a while longer, but expect that to change in about a week when the bidding process has ended.