Among Us Mod Adds an Amazing Twist to the Game

Deducing which players are the Imposters in Among Us can be pretty difficult, but a new mod [...]

Deducing which players are the Imposters in Among Us can be pretty difficult, but a new mod changes things up significantly with the addition of a "Sheriff" character. The mod assigns the role of Sheriff to one random Crewmate. The Sheriff's sole goal is to track down the Imposters; to do so, they are given the ability to kill other players. However, if the Sheriff kills a fellow Crewmate by mistake, both the Sheriff and that Crewmate will die, making things much easier for the Imposters. It's an interesting take on the game's concept, and it adds a very unique twist!

The sheriff mod adds a different layer of strategy, as well. Giving one player the ability to kill the other Crewmates really shakes up the way that a match plays out. Since the Sheriff will also die if they're wrong, it forces that player to use strategy to figure out which player is which. Of course, this also forces other players to change up their plans, as well. Since everyone else in the game knows which player is the Sheriff, Crewmates can give that particular playerhelpful information, while Imposters can attempt to trick them. The mod has proven popular enough that it has even appeared in streams of the game, recently.

Modders often come up with interesting concepts that a game's developer might not have considered and the Sheriff mod is no exception. Among Us has seen a number of mods released over the last few months, most notably after the game gained mainstream attention. While fan mods for Among Us have provided players with a lot of entertainment, developer InnerSloth is hard at work on official updates for the game.

It remains to be seen what the future might hold for Among Us, but if mods like this one prove popular enough, there's always a chance that the developer could try their hand at something similar! Those looking to check out the game's Sheriff mod can find more information right here.

Among Us is currently available on iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, and PC. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the game right here.

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