New Among Us Task Stops Imposters from Using Vents

Among Us is adding an anti-Imposter task in the game’s next update that’ll stop the Imposters [...]

Among Us is adding an anti-Imposter task in the game's next update that'll stop the Imposters from using vents, if only for a little while. The task itself does so by making Crewmates clean out the vents which would naturally expose and remove any Imposter who was hiding inside of the maps' innerworkings. The update in question that's adding this task is scheduled to release on July 7th alongside some bug fixes to resolve a bunch of different problems players have been experiencing.

Over on Twitter, Among Us developer InnerSloth showed off the new task in action. The preview didn't show everything that could happen if a Crewmate was assigned the task such as the animation and surprise where an Imposter could in theory be bumped out, but it instead showed what the task looked like from the Crewmate's perspective.

To clear up any possible questions about the new task, InnerSloth clarified that players will, in fact, be able to use the vents if they're the Imposters and someone's been assigned that task. The only time that they won't be able to use that specific vent is when the Crewmate is cleaning it, but they're still able to move to other vents instead. Only if someone's in that vent and it gets actively cleaned will they be kicked out of the hiding spot.

We don't yet know what else the update will entail beyond the "bunch of bug fixes" planned, but we at least have a release date for it. The inevitable patch notes accompanying the update when it's released should provide more information on everything else that's changed, so look for those before or on the release date for the update.