Animal Crossing Adds Seven New Campers, 'Rustic' Style

(Photo: Nintendo)

If holiday furniture wasn't enough to make you feel cozy in your Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp campsite, then you're in luck: all-new Rustic style furniture has been added to the game, along with six new characters, bringing the total list of available animal campers to befriend to over 50.

The update follows an earlier addition of flower gardens, when a silhouetted character was first teased. The new roster includes Mitzi (the silhouetted camper), Marshal, June, Drake, Vesta, Goose, and Avery. Of course, in order to get any of these new animals to visit your campsite, you first need to build a specific list of things that they like. The game has restarted its Host the Most event, which also happened when the last wave of new characters was added, so it looks like areas around these updates are often the best times to hop back into the game.

Also available with the update is a likely growing set of rustic furniture, most notably preferred by the curmudgeonly Marshal. As the winter months set in and campsites are covered in snow, the look makes sites seem comfortable and warm.

At this point, the only other teased function that hasn't quite yet made it into the game from earlier this month is clothes crafting, but with the opening of the new crafting truck in the marketplace, that might be on the way soon enough.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is available now for iOS and Android.