Animal Crossing: New Horizons: How to Get a Hedge DIY Recipe

Animal Crossing: New Horizons players have some new items to decorate their islands with now that the game’s big Nature Day update is out with one of the most basic items being a Hedge. Unlike the other plants which go straight into the ground and take time to grow, these Hedges are classified as fences and can be set up around the island to block off certain areas, outline your buildings, or to create more innovative projects. Creating these Hedges to use on your islands is easy enough, but players will have to complete some tasks first before they can craft them.

After downloaded the New Horizons update, Isabelle will give her normal overview of what’s happening on the island and will mention the Nature Day festivities. Once she’s done talking, you’ll want to head over to the Resident Services to speak to Tom Nook. He’ll tell you about some of the Nature Day events going on which include some themed challenges for players to complete with a prize waiting for those who do so.

That prize is the Hedge DIY recipe, so as soon as you complete one of the Nook Miles tasks for Nature Day, you can head back to Tom Nook to talk to him again. He should then give you the recipe.

For those looking for an expedited process, follow the numbered steps below to get the recipe ASAP.

  1. Visit Tom Nook after downloading the Nature Day update.
  2. Listen to his announcement about the Nature Day Nook Miles event.
  3. Check your NookPhone for a Nature Day Nook Miles challenge. They’re highlighted in green and are worth extra Nook Miles. If you don’t have one, complete other challenges until it pops up.
  4. Complete the challenge.
  5. Return to Tom Nook to get your Hedge DIY recipe.

Once you’ve got the recipe, all you need then is the ingredients to complete it and create some Hedges. It calls for 10 Clumps of Weeds, five Tree Branches, and two Stones.

Those Nook Miles challenges are the same ones mentioned previously that award players with bonus Nook Miles for doing things related to Nature Day. This means that you’ll knock out two things at once by getting extra Nook Miles and a Hedge DIY recipe at the same time. Be sure to complete the challenges as they appear to make sure you’re maxing out your Nook Miles gains.