Animal Crossing: New Horizons Is Giving Away Bonus Nook Miles During Nature Day Event

Animal Crossing: New Horizons players who’ve found themselves lacking enough Nook Miles lately to get everything they want can look forward to earning some bonus Miles during the game’s upcoming Nature Day event. The Nature Day event is part of the big update that’s coming to the game this week to add several new features, so the bonus Nook Miles incentive should help players make sure they’re stocked up on Miles to do everything they want to during the event. Players apparently don’t have to do much to get the extra Nook Miles aside from the tasks they’d probably be doing anyway during the Nature Day event which makes getting them even easier.

Nintendo previewed its plans for the bonus Nook Miles offer that’s part of the Nature Day event on social media this week just before the event is scheduled to start. Nature Day begins on April 23rd in New Horizons and is scheduled to continue until May 4th with the Nook Miles bonuses apparently lasting the entire length of the event, according to what’s been shared so far.

Another image shared by the official Nintendo Twitter account showed how these extra Nook Miles bonuses will work. Through the NookPhone device where players can access some of the most important features of New Horizons, players can visit their Nook Miles app to see what’s offered during the event. You’ll find normal Nook Miles activities that give players various amounts of Miles alongside special Nature Day-themed ones like “Plant Shrub Starts.” The example given showed that planting three shrubs would give players 200 Nook Miles multiplied by five which means you’ll earn a cool 1,000 Nook Miles just for dropping some shrubs in the ground.


Only one of the Nature Day tasks is shown in the image, so it’s unclear if players can only get one of these at a time or if they’ll get them at random. What’s clear though is that you definitely want to complete them as soon as possible since they’re worth so much.

This New Horizons update is also introducing some fan-favorite characters back to the game, and players can’t wait for their arrivals.