Animal Crossing: New Horizons -- International Museum Day Guide

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has a brand new event, this time focusing on the island's popular museum. International Museum Day is here, and to celebrate, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is having a special Stamp Rally at Blather's Museum. Players will need to collect stamps from several different areas of the museum to complete the event to earn three special plaques that match the plaques found in the museum's front lobby. These are unique items that can't be obtained anywhere else, and players can even sell off their extras at Nook's Cranny to make a few extra Bells.

To kick off the International Museum Day event, make sure that your copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons is updated to version 1.2.0b. Once Isabelle shares news of the event during that day's announcements, players can head to their museum and speak to Blathers about the Stamp Rally to get things started. Blathers will give the player a special Stamp Book that can be filled up with stamps each day. In order to find the stamps, players will need to visit the fish, bug, and fossils galleries and look for the Stamp Station bearing an Owl Logo. Each gallery has three stamp stations that you'll need to find to complete the Stamp Rally.

Here are the possible locations that you can find a Stamp Station:

Fish Gallery: Abyss Stamp Spot, Big River Stamp Spot, Coral Reef Stamp Spot, Headwaters Stamp Spot, Icy Sea Stamp Spot, Serenity Tank Stamp Spot, The Coast Stamp Spot, The Deep Stamp Spot, The Pond Stamp Spot

Bugs Gallery: Butterfly Garden Stamp Spot, Coconut Corner Stamp Spot, Dragonfly Bridge Stamp Spot, Giant Tree Stamp Spot, Hiding Bugs Stamp Spot, Quiet Bench Stamp Spot, Shady Path Stamp Spot, Singing Forest Stamp Spot, Sun-Peek Path Stamp Spot, The Lab Stamp Spot

Fossil Gallery: Aquatic Reptiles Stamp Spot, Cenozoic Stamp Spot, Extinction (Stamp) Spot, Mollusks/Arthropods Stamp Spot, Pterosaurs Stamp Spot, Synapsids Stamp Spot, Vertebrates Stamp Spot


Once you complete a Stamp Card for a specific gallery, Blathers will give you a corresponding plaque as a reward. Each plaque is a non-customizable golden plaque that matches the plaque marking the gallery in the museum's lobby. The Bug Plaque sells for 3,000 Bells, while both the Fossils Plaque and Fish Plaque sell for 300 Bells.

Unlike the May Day event, players can complete a Stamp Rally every day at the museum, and the Stamp Stations change location every day to provide some extra variety. The brand new Art wing of the Museum is also not included in the event, likely because some players haven't unlocked it yet.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons' International Museum Day event runs from May 18th through May 31st.