Animal Crossing: New Horizons Camera Bug Returns as a Feature

A bug the Animal Crossing: New Horizons community had grown to appreciate has returned to the game with the latest update, but it's now a feature instead of a happy mistake. The bug involved the removal of the HUD from players' screens so that they could take pretty pictures using the camera app on their NookPhones without having to have the HUD clutter things up. It was removed whenever Nintendo released the game's first big update this month that added swimming, diving, and more, but with the most recent update released this week, it's now been added back to the game.

Previously, players who went in the camera app could use a workaround to have the HUD removed which yielded more immersive pictures since you could focus on what was actually in the game instead of the overlays covering your scenic shots. It was a totally harmless bug as far as players could tell, but a bug's a bug, so Nintendo patched it out.

But you can now remove the HUD once again while using the camera app. This time, the process is as simple as pressing a button when you're using the camera. As highlighted by the ACWorldBlog Twitter account, all you have to do is press down on the right control stick to use the "Turn Guide Off" option. Do that and you'll have a picture free of any extras.

The new camera feature was just part of the larger Wave 2 update for New Horizons' plans for July. Included in the big update are some more features like fireworks shows that'll occur on a regular schedule similar to other events, the ability to visit other players' islands through your dreams, and the chance to backup your islands and restore them in case anything goes wrong with your creations. The backup and restoration service as well as the dream travels require a Nintendo Switch Online subscription, however, so you won't be using either of those if you're not a member.


Animal Crossing: New Horizons' new update with the camera feature and more is live now, and another update has already been announced for a Fall 2020 release.