Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp's Holiday Event Is Starting Soon

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is about to get a holiday makeover with a special event that’s [...]

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is about to get a holiday makeover with a special event that's coming soon.

A new tweet from the Animal Crossing Twitter account confirmed that the series' newest mobile game is soon going to become all sorts of festive with Santa hats, Christmas trees, and other wintery decorations accompanying the update. The image that was tweeted alongside the kickoff date for the event – 10 p.m. PT on Nov. 30 – gave a quick look at a small portion of the content that'll become available for the holidays.

Aside from the different decorations and villager outfits that Bottom of Form

can be seen in the screenshot of the holiday content, there's little else to go off of when it comes to the official details of the holiday update. However, if you want to put some trust in some semi-official news, a datamine of the game's files recently gave a much better idea of what kinds of content would be added during the holiday season.

From New Year's hats to warm fireplaces, the recent datamine that you can look through here revealed a staggering amount of content that should keep mobile gamers pretty occupied throughout the holidays. Outside of the holiday-themed content, you'll also be able to interact with new villagers soon if you've already managed to achieve high friendship levels with the existing Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp residents. Antonio, Mitzi, Bluebear, June, Goose, Drake, Raddle, Phoebe, Avery, Vesta, and Marashal are the Villagers that are expected to be added soon if the files found in the recent datamine are any indication of what's to come.

The holiday-themed event will be the first special update that the game's received so far, but that's still quite impressive considering the game just came out. As a free-to-play game that allows players to complete some small microtransactions to help speed up their game, it's a promising sign that Nintendo already has more content ready to go in time for the holiday.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp's holiday content might not all be rolling out at one time, but expect to start seeing it when the update drops on Thursday.