Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Getting New Gardening Mechanics

(Photo: Nintendo)

Today, via the official Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp app new updates for players who have stuck with the game were announced ahead of release. A few hours later, the Animal Crossing Twitter account followed up with a more public announcement:

Possibly as soon as the next major game update, players will have the ability to manage a garden at their camp site with new gardening mechanics. Some time in the future, another update will give player the ability to craft their own clothes for their avatar; right now, clothing is only available via the game's Market Place or by earning pieces from your animal visitors. All of these are classic Animal Crossing features, which might make long-time players pretty happy after early complaints of a game that fell short.

It looks like the gardens are set to fill out the right side of the camp, but how they function and the variety of assorted flora that the player can plant there are still under wraps. Right now, the campsites that players manage have open spaces to the left (in front of the player's parked camper vehicle), right, and front side of the property, so with the gardens likely filling at least one spot, this might be an indicator that the developers behind Pocket Camp have specific plans for those areas. Whether they're going to be new amenities or not remains a mystery.

Along with this news, the addition of a new character has been teased with a cat-like silhouette. It's likely that all of these updates will roll in over the next month or so as we go into the new year.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is Nintendo’s third major entry into mobile gaming, and has amassed plenty in sales so far. It's currently available for iOS and Android, and is free to play with available in-game transactions.