Animal Crossing: New Horizons Player Recreates Pokemon's Sinnoh Region

An Animal Crossing: New Horizons players recreated the Sinnoh region from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. The player, who goes by the username "assaultepic" on Reddit, shared their creation on the Animal Crossing subreddit earlier this week. Using the Happy Island Designer, the player recreated the entire Sinnoh region within the confines of their island with the help of an imported map of the Sinnoh region. Various island residents occupy the spots where Sinnoh's cities and towns are located, and the user noted that they had moved the museum to represent Snowpoint Temple and the Able Sister's store to Veilpoint to represent that city's department store. Unfortunately, Lake Valor is missing from the map due to the placement of that island's Resident Services' building, which can't be moved. Even Sinnoh's islands appear on the map, thanks to a nifty bit of lake-making on the outer parts of the map.

The Sinnoh region was the setting for Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum, and is loosely based off of the Hokkaido region in northern Japan. Several of the Sinnoh region's most famous locations are inspired by real world Japanese landmarks and cities, including Sapporo and the Ezo Mountain Chain. Several disputed islands between Russia and Japan are also represented in the Sinnoh region as the game's "Battle Zone," which takes on a whole new meaning when accounting for those islands' history.

In addition to doing some major terraforming to bring the Sinnoh region to Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the innovative player is also turning his island's residents into Pokemon trainers. The player noted that they had been giving their neighbors clothing to help them mimic the look of Sinnoh's various gym leaders. The trainer also made several custom hoodies so that villagers can "pick" their Starter Pokemon on the island.

While the map is an impressive recreation of the Sinnoh region, its creator noted that the island itself wasn't all that practical from an Animal Crossing: New Horizons standpoint. The island itself is rather cramped due to liberal use of cliffs, and the player hadn't had much time to spruce the island up because of all the time needed to actually make the map.You can take a look at the full map over on Reddit.

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