Anthem Beta Confirmed Before Release, Says BioWare

Though the upcoming game from BioWare and Electronic Arts is surrounded by controversy in relation to Mass Effect Andromeda, many are still excited to see the future-esque Anthem in action. With not a whole lot to go on, with little tid-bits here and there, interested BioWare fans are wondering if there will be a beta period for the upcoming shooter prior to its release.

One fan went right for the jugular when they asked the game's director Jonathan Warner about a potential beta testing period for Anthem, much like with Andromeda: "If this game [don't] get a beta like ME:A, Imma assume it's dead in the water." Warner quickly addressed the issue with a short and simple reply confirming that the upcoming title will give players a chance to check it out before launch and provide feedback.

Short and to the point, bereft of any telling details on when fans can expect this beta period. Warner and the team has previously stated that it is "too soon for details" regarding the game's development and what they are ready to let gamers in on. Most likely, the game will enter a closed beta period, followed by an open beta at a later date.

The with the intricate mech suits and stylization seen in the teaser trailers, many immediately made the connection that this seemed eerily similar to Mass Effect. With the original Mass Effect trilogy still hailed as a triumphant franchise, and many of the trilogy's key team members working on Anthem, the future title does show promise despite its rocky reception.


Anthem is currently slated for a Fall of 2018 release and will be available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.