BioWare Says Anthem Is "The Biggest Thing We've Done"

BioWare is known for significant franchises like Mass Effect and Dragon Age, but in terms of team [...]

BioWare is known for significant franchises like Mass Effect and Dragon Age, but in terms of team and the actual game, the developer says that Anthem is the largest thing that it's ever done.

The exosuit-filled Anthem that's been likened to Bungie's Destiny in the past – though our hands-on impressions suggest that the comparison might not be as apt as people think – was the subject of Game Informer's recent interview with BioWare as the development team talked about the game and its biggest challenges. During the video interview which can be seen in full above, Game Informer asked Anthem's executive producer Mark Darrah if it was still scary to tackle a game of this size. Darrah said that it is, and for good reason.

"It's definitely scary. This is the biggest thing that we've done," Darrah told Game Informer. "This is the biggest team we've ever had, so this … yeah, it's scary, for sure."

With the game being so large, some BioWare fans have been critical of how it will be handled, the critics using the size and reception of Mass Effect: Andromeda. The point was brought up in the interview with lead producer Mike Gamble being asked how BioWare will pull of Anthem if it's even bigger than past games, and Gamble said it's all about focus.

"It's about focus. It's about focus, it's about having the right plan early enough, it's about making sure that you know what you're trying to build," Gamble said. "We are focusing on a great cooperative experience. We're focusing on telling a story in a private hub. By doing that and creating focus, you can drive to excellence."

No matter what the reception of Anthem is, BioWare said that the game will "live and breath with the fans." The developer added that it plans on being receptive to feedback at launch is willing to be flexible, according to Gamble.

"We have to be flexible when we launch. We have to listen to feedback," Gamble said. "We have to see all that stuff. We have to continue supporting [Anthem] in the best way possible. I think flexible is the only way."

BioWare still has quite a while before the game is out, so the developers have plenty of time to keep being flexible and respond to players leading up to the game's release.

Anthem is scheduled to be released on February 22 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows.