'Anthem' Nerfs Chest Farming

While some have been enjoying BioWare’s Anthem early, the full game doesn’t actually launch [...]

While some have been enjoying BioWare's Anthem early, the full game doesn't actually launch for a few more days. That being said, the Early Access period gave many a chance to find workarounds for the loot grind though BioWare was quick to catch on and has nerfed chest farming for the higher-tiered items.

The chest farming went viral when players found out that they could take to the title's Freeplay feature on Grandmaster 3 difficulty to score a higher rate of sweet loot. Players were taking their Javelins and heading straight towards a chest to open it, with a very successful tiered loot drop. Since part of the online game's appeal is the endgame "grind," BioWare has nerfed the ability to chest farm – which, honestly was just bound to happen anyway because that's just the nature of loot-based online titles.

BioWare's own Jesse Anderson took to Twitter to reveal "We've reduced the chance of high rarity items in non-world event chests in free play. This applies to all difficulty levels in Anthem." Since this tweak was a server-based tweak, it didn't require any sort of downtime that would impact players. Well, unless you were one of those farming.

Though we've touched on a few tweaks that will be present in Anthem's day one patch, there is a much larger update planned for launch. The studio will reveal the full list of improvements when they go live.

As for the game itself, Anthem arrives on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on February 22nd. You can learn even more about the game before it officially arrives over at our Game Hub here. You can also keep your eyes peeled later on today for our full review of the open-world online adventure.

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