Anthem Gets More Details On Single Player Content, Co-Op and Servers

While we’re still a ways off from seeing how Anthem handles (since it’s not coming until early [...]


While we're still a ways off from seeing how Anthem handles (since it's not coming until early 2019 at the earliest), we are learning a few new things about it.

This is mainly due to executive producer Mark Darrah, who recently took to Twitter to answer a few questions from fans. But as a result, we've found some new information about the game, including how solo missions will work, what we can expect in terms of server support, and a few more co-op details.

For instance, one fan talked about how Strongholds won't serve as campaign missions, but rather as "campaign dungeons," so to speak. Darrah was quick to correct this, nothing that they indeed are "Not campaign missions," but rather "High difficulty experiences" that players are sure to love. Check out that tweet below.

Next up, when a fan asked if story missions were available to single players or just groups, Darrah confirmed that you'll be able to take them on by yourself.

He then talked a little bit about co-op, and how four players will make things a little easier when it comes to taking on enemies. A fan asked about playing through the story mode with a team and wondering if more enemies would enter the fray. Check out that tweet below.

Apparently four will also be the magic number when it comes to servers. One fan was concerned if there were going to be public lobbies within the game, and if it would be easy to meet up with others.

And apparently, you can make more than one Freelancer within the game if you feel the need. This is good news for creative types who want to try out more than one soldier within the game.

Matchmaking also appears to be a go.

Finally, it appears that missions will be "relatively linear," according to Darrah. Not only that, but "free play is wide open."

These little bits of information should make some players feel better about the game, but, of course, the real treat is seeing how they'll all come together. Hopefully we'll see that over the next few months.

Anthem is set to arrive in spring 2019 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.