'Anthem' Update Adds Legendary Missions, Bug Fixes, and More

BioWare has officially released a new update for their brand new IP, which has not had the [...]

BioWare has officially released a new update for their brand new IP, which has not had the greatest of launches. While many players jumping into Anthem have had a blast so far, there have definitely been a few flaws that have maybe soured the experiences of some fans. That said, the latest update is another effort by the developers to ensure everything is working properly, while also adding a few new features for players to enjoy. One such addition are Legendary Missions, which will provide a new way in which players will be able to enjoy the game.

Taking to the Anthem subreddit, the devs released the patch notes for update 1.0.4, and it's quite the list. Outside of the Elysian Caches that have been added for when players complete the game's Strongholds, Legendary Missions have also been implemented. These will allow players "to replay critical path missions again with a much higher difficulty level," according to the patch notes. "One mission will be available per day that has no limit on the number of times it can be completed. These missions offer a new challenge and require team coordination to achieve victory!"

There are also a bounty of bug fixes included with the new update, which are not only based on players' feedback, but also the devs' own testing. Of course, this won't be the final round as there will continually be new problems arising, but it's another attempt to tackle the issues that have been plaguing Anthem since launch. You can find the full list of everything that has been fixed right here, but we've compiled some of them below:


  • Fixed an issue where a second pilot could enter the Tombs of the Legionnaires quest before acquiring the quest.

  • Fixed an issue where performance could potentially drop in rescue sentinel world events with outlaws.


  • Heart of Rage: Fixed party gather that was sending players back to the previous arena.

  • Heart of Rage: Fixes to fog walls blocking access to enemies.

  • Heart of Rage: Removed fog walls that could prevent the player from progressing.

  • Heart of Rage: Fixed issue where late joining players would spawn in lava and in a downed state.


  • Finding Old Friends: Fixed waypoint markers if player proceeds without collecting the relics.

  • Imposter: Removed fog wall where players can get trapped.

  • See in the Dark: Fixed performance on Xbox One X when getting close to the echo lock.

  • Matthias mission: Fixed pathfinding for Elementals that could get stuck behind a chest.


  • Respawn timer no longer resets after a revive attempt by another player is interrupted.

  • Fort Tarsis: Fixed an issue where the camera went under the terrain when getting a legendary contract from Matthias.

  • Fort Tarsis: Fixed an issue where Commander Vule could appear in two locations at once.


  • Fixed an issue where the Spark beam visual effect would not be present when turning away from the player using it.

  • Fixed Masterwork Gear so that they now progress the Uncommon, Rare and Epic challenges of that Gear.


  • Fixed statistic bar for weapons in Forge UI where "Magazine Size" was incorrectly labeled "Clip Size".

  • Fixed an error where the Thunderbolt of Yvenia's lightning damage wasn't scaling correctly for the Storm javelin.


  • Adjusted an error with secondary player damage scaling (combos, status effects, ultimates, melee) where unequipped item slots were not identified correctly for damage scaling.

  • Fixed an issue where ultimate charge (20 charge) wasn't correctly being awarded to players when reviving a downed teammate.

  • Fixed an issue where "Weakpoint Hit" triggers were unintentionally counted when hitting enemy shields.

Anthem as well as its 1.0.4 update are currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. For more on BioWare's new game, check out some of our previous coverage.

What do you think about all of this? Are you excited to try your hand at the Legendary Missions that are now in Anthem? Do you believe BioWare is improving the experience featured in their new title? Sound off in the comment section below, or feel free to hit me up over on Twitter @anarkE7!


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