'Apex Legends' Battle Pass Announcement Confirms Octane as New Character

Respawn Entertainment’s announcement about Apex Legends’ first battle pass also confirmed one [...]

Respawn Entertainment's announcement about Apex Legends' first battle pass also confirmed one of the game's worst-kept secrets: Octane is the new Legend that's releasing in Season 1. The character's been the subject of leaks numerous times leading up to the official reveal and will be the first of several new Legends Respawn plans on adding to the game. Octane won't be locked behind the battle pass since the feature only contains cosmetics and related items, so players will be able to buy the Legend with the game's previously established currencies.

A tweet that teased a bigger trailer for Apex Legends Season 1 and the release of the first battle pass was shared on Monday continued the trend of showing brief snippets of content to come and included a quick look at Octane. Head to Electronic Arts' site for Apex Legends though and you'll find a better look at Octane, one that perfectly matches the pose the character's made in all the images that have leaked previously.

Apex Legends Octane
(Photo: Electronic Arts)

"Misfits, outcasts, drifters, and grifters – the Apex Games welcomes them all," Electronic Arts' announcement about Octane reads. "Keep your eyes on the skies for the Games' newest Legend, Octane."

The site doesn't give a clear indication of when Octane will release, but Respawn's community manager Jay Frechette said on Reddit that Season 1 "begins with Battle Pass and Octane" which indicates the Legend will be available right from the start. Mirage and Caustic are the other unlockable Legends and cost either 12,000 Legend Tokens or 750 Apex Coins, so it's expected that Octane will run players the same price.

Though Octane's not officially in the game just yet, that doesn't mean some of his abilities aren't. One of Octane's leaked abilities showed that the Legend would be able to deploy a Launch Pad that sends people flying when touched, and those exact Launch Pads coincidently appeared in the game recently in what appeared to be a teaser for the new character. It makes sense that they'd be added as a normal mobility tool if that's Respawn's plan seeing how Pathfinder can deploy ziplines which are also a neutral feature on the map. Players have already been hard at work figuring out how to use these Launch Pads as well and have discovered all sorts of trick and techniques to use in tandem with Octane.

Apex Legends' first season is scheduled to begin on March 19th.