'Apex Legends' Cheater Is Untouchable With Super Speed

An Apex Legends video has surfaced that showed what it’s like to play against one of many [...]

An Apex Legends video has surfaced that showed what it's like to play against one of many cheaters that are affecting the game's PC version.

If you play on the Xbox One or PlayStation 4, chances are that you've rarely seen anyone who's cheating or, more likely, haven't seen a cheater at all. Cheats are much more prolific on the PC version of any game though, and Apex Legends is no exception. The clip below from a Redditor by the name of komzaki shows what it's like to go up against one of these cheaters.

Using what looks to be a speed-hack, one of the more common tools used by cheaters along with aimbots, wall-hacks, and other ways to circumvent the integrity of the game, the player in the clip below moves insanely fast and is basically untouchable. The person cheating didn't even need a weapon to down two players that had full health at the start of the fight, if you could even call it a fight.

I think they should nerf Bangalore's passive even more here in Asia. from r/apexlegends

In the kill feed shown at the top-right corner of the screen, the speed-hack user's name is just a jumble of letters and numbers, so it wouldn't be surprising if they were using some throwaway account to test out cheats without having to worry too much about being banned. Other personal accounts from players within the forums have called out the state of Asian servers which the clip above was pulled from and called for Respawn Entertainment to take action.

Respawn has, in fact, been banning cheaters since the game released with a new tally showing quite a few had been booted from the game. In the same developer check-in thread where players brought up Asian servers, Respawn revealed that it had already banned over 355,000 cheaters. The developer added that takes cheating seriously and will work on improving its anti-cheat systems to prevent people from cheating, though it's understandably remaining quiet on how that'll happen so cheaters can't expect what'll happen.

The same post also addressed another big issue players have involving crashes and said an upcoming update will improve the PC version.


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