Apex Legends Turns On Double XP After Battle Pass Problems

Apex Legends players can now take advantage of Double XP for the next coupld of days as compensation for some problems stemming from the game’s Season 7 battle pass. Developer Respawn Entertainment tweeted about the experience bonus that’s now live in the game as of Thursday to say that the Double XP event would be live from now until next week when the game’s next update drops. A separate change in the update also adjusted how the ring damage works as players get farther into an Apex Legends match.

The issue in question that warranted the Double XP bonus was causing some battle pass progression to be lost for many players. Since they lost that time before that they’d put in, the Double XP event should give them ample time to catch back up to where they would’ve been. Anything gained after that will just be an extra bonus so long as you can put in enough time in Apex Legends during the Double XP event to make the most of it.

As detailed in the tweet above, part two of the update changed the ring damage for rings three, four, and five. Those rings will now do more damage than before, so be sure to not get caught in them later in the game or at least be sure you’re loaded down with healing items if you do get caught out.

This fix for the battle pass follows other adjustments made to the pass not long ago after players took issue with how the Season 7 version worked. Players said the battle pass progression was way too slow to make the grind worthwhile. Respawn Entertainment responded to that by adjusting the battle pass while acknowledging it “missed the mark” with the first version of the pass.


The Double XP event in Apex Legends is now live across all platforms.