Apex Legends Season 7 DLC Is Free for PlayStation Plus Subscribers

Apex Legends just kicked off Season 7 this week with a new Legend, a new map, and much more for players to create new experiences with. On top of all that, some more DLC for PlayStation Plus subscribers has been released to arm PlayStation 4 players with a couple of new skins for different Legends and weapons. It's available now to download at no cost so long as you're a PlayStation Plus member.

To obtain everything that's included in Apex Legends' new PlayStation Plus Pack, you can check out the DLC and add it to your account by heading to the revamped PlayStation Store. Just like past DLCs that were PlayStation exclusives, this PlayStation Plus Pack features certain Legends to give skins too along with two different weapons that have new looks as well. Loba and Mirage are the headliners for this PlayStation Plus Pack with their skins previewed below.

PlayStation Plus Pack Apex Legends
(Photo: Sony)

The two Legends take on dark outfits for the most part except for the teal colors splashed across their battle gear in different patterns. You can also see a preview of the Prowler skin that's been added to the game along with some banners.

The full list of everything that's included in the new DLC can be found below:

Apex Legends Season 7 PlayStation Plus Pack

  • 2 Legend skins (one each for Loba and Mirage)
  • 2 weapon skins (one each for the Prowler and the G7 Scout
  • 2 Banners (one each for Loba and Mirage)

One interesting thing to notice about this Apex Legends DLC is that it's added a skin for the Prowler which is great for players who favor that weapon but may not be quite as useful this season. As part of the Season 7 changes, Respawn Entertainment brought the R-99 out of Care Packages and replaced it with the Prowler which means that the rapid-fire heavy ammo weapon will now only be found inside Care Packages. If you get this skin and equip it, you'll still see it occasionally, but it'll happen far less often than if the gun was part of the normal loot pool.

Other changes to take note of in Season 7 include the addition of a vehicle to the game, something that's never been done in Apex Legends before. A couple of Legends also got buffed, nerfed, or changed otherwise in the Season 7 patch notes to help smooth out the meta.