Apex Legends and Other EA Games Are Experiencing Server Issues

If you’ve been trying to play some of Electronic Arts’ biggest games like FIFA 20 or Apex Legends recently, there’s a strong chance you’ve encountered some server problems. Those issues are affecting numerous people as well as a variety of EA’s games, according to reports on social media and confirmations from EA’s help team. The games are currently experiencing server issues such as failed logins and other problems that EA is currently looking into while fielding questions from affected users.

Apex Legends players were some of the first to take to social media platforms like Twitter to report on the issues that affected them. They were joined by others playing games like FIFA 20 who each experienced their share of issues.

The EA Help Twitter account later confirmed that there were indeed problems with the servers and some features. EA’s support site currently says something’s going on with the online services but that the team is looking into the issues.

“In the meantime, you might not be able to connect to online modes, buy games on Origin, or log in to your account,” EA’s help site read. “We’ll get you back in your game as soon as we can.”


The news of these problems comes at an unfortunate time for anyone trying to play an EA game right now but perhaps more so for those trying to play Apex Legends. Season 4 is still quite new to many Apex Legends players who are trying to work through their latest battle pass and explore what the season has to offer, though that’s not so simple with the ongoing server issues.

Expect an announcement from the EA Help account once the situations have been resolved and everything is running as intended once again.