Apex Legends and FIFA 20 Affected by EA Servers Going Down

Electronic Arts is having some problems with its servers today with the company reporting that some of its sites and games are affected by the problems. For players, this means that they’re having trouble accessing some of their favorite games like Apex Legends and FIFA 20. Players took to social media on Thursday to report on the outages and look for help from EA to resolve the issues. The publisher acknowledged the problems through its various help accounts online and said it’s looking into the issues, but there’s no timeframe at this time regarding when the problems might be resolved.

A message on the EA Help site provides the latest on the issues, but there’s really not much to go off of that’d help players get into their games. EA said “something’s up with our online services” and that the problem is being investigated, so it looks like anyone trying to play Apex Legends, FIFA 20, or EA’s other games will just have to sit tight and wait for things to be fixed if they can’t get through now.

“In the meantime, you might not be able to connect to online modes, buy games on Origin, or log in to your account,” EA’s support site said. “We’ll get you back in your game as soon as we can.”


Apex Legends and other EA games had similar issues impacting the servers not too long ago. The battle royale game is in its fourth season with a relatively new battle pass for players to work through as well as a new character, but that content and more is unavailable for many right now because of the server problems.

EA is expected to share more updates on the situation as it’s resolved, so expect to see those details released as the investigation into the problems continues.