'Apex Legends' Leak Seemingly Reveals 5 New Legends

Images of what appear to be new Apex Legends characters have leaked that show concepts for several [...]

Images of what appear to be new Apex Legends characters have leaked that show concepts for several different Legends, some of them ones that are already playable among others that haven't been announced.

Discussions about Octane have made up the bulk of Apex Legends leaks in the past few weeks, Octane being the new Legend that's reportedly going to release when Season 1 begins. Octane's reveal seems like a pretty safe bet by now or else all these leaks have been some elaborate shams, but the images below that come from an Apex Legends leak-centered Twitter account might already give players something more to look forward to beyond the first new Legend.

The account that posted the images said they were found in "new textures files," though some Apex Legends players who follow the right people said they'd seen the images a week ago from other accounts. ApexLeaksNews clarified the tweets to say it'd received the images prior to sharing the tweet but then found the concepts for the Legends themselves within the files.

Most of the Legends shown in the images above haven't been seen yet, though some of them have which does add some credibility to the leak, if only somewhat. Bangalore, Caustic, Bloodhound, and Mirage are all shown in the images next to five new Legends we haven't seen yet. Each of the Legends shown between the known characters don't look nearly as polished as the concepts for the playable ones, so it's likely that these are early examples of what they'll look like it the leak is accurate. The fact that Octane was found in the files with a look that matches up with what people have seen previously only adds to the leak.

Until Respawn Entertainment confirms that these Legends are the next ones that'll be added, players will have to be content with the eight Legends currently playable with Octane presumably being the ninth. Season 1 of Apex Legends is rumored to release this week alongside a new battle pass which was recently the subject of new leaks, so perhaps players won't have to wait much longer to see what Respawn has in store for the first and future seasons.


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