Apex Legends Announces Online Tournaments With Huge Prize Pool

Apex Legends players who’ve been battling it out in the Apex Arena will soon be able to fight in [...]

Apex Legends players who've been battling it out in the Apex Arena will soon be able to fight in a much more competitive environment now that Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts have announced some upcoming online tournaments. The Apex Legends Global Series will mark the game's first official foray into online tournaments where everyday players compete for a prize pool of more than $3 million, and the first of these tournaments is starting in January. These tournaments are limited to the PC platform though, so console players need not apply unless they're planning on brushing up their PC performance.

EA will have a couple of varying types of tournaments taking place throughout the year to provide different experiences for players and spectators. Players who are interested in participating in the events will want to start at either the online tournaments or the Challenger Events. These online tournaments will be powered by Battlefy and will earn players points in the larger Global Series depending on how they perform. These will also be the way that players can qualify for live events if they think they're ready to go to the next level. Challenger Events will be focused on local talent and will give players a shot at the Majors.

Above these two types of competitions are the Premier Events and the aforementioned Majors. Premier Events will set top players from different regions against one another and will also award players with Global Series points and opportunities for Majors. This level of competition is where you'll see some of the more well-known organizations like PGL and GLL participating in the events. At the peak of the Global Series is the Majors which are hosted by EA and provide the opportunity to win from the biggest prize pools.

"There will be four Majors during the Apex Legends Global Series," EA said about its competitions. "The first three Majors will feature 300 players (100 three-player teams) competing for a $500k prize pool. The fourth Major is the Apex Legends Global Series Championship, where only the top 60 Global Series teams are invited to compete for a prize pool of $1 million."

Yohan Sengamalay, the general manager at Battlefy, shared a statement with ComicBook.com about the organization's partnership with EA and the opportunity to elevate Apex Legends esports.

"Battlefy is excited to work with EA on the Apex Legends Global Series," said Sengamalay. "The ALGS will bring together the best players in the world and the online qualifiers give every Apex fan a chance to compete for glory. Open competitive circuits are important for esports, and it's been great to partner with EA to create an awesome experience for Apex players."

January 25th and 27th will mark the start of the events when the first online tournament happens to begin qualifications for the first Major which will take place in March. Majors, Premier Events, and some of the online tournaments will be streamed live for viewers to watch at home.

Registrations for Apex Legends' first competitions are now open.