Apex Legends Season 6 Launches With Rampart and Big Meta Changes

Season 6 of Apex Legends is now live across all platforms with a new character, Rampart, added to the roster among a ton of other seasonal changes. World’s Edge has an all new look with new points of interest to explore and control along with some significant changes to the game’s armor system. As is the case with every season, there’s also another battle pass for players to work through as they progress in the seasonal challenges and earn new rewards.

New Legends are typically the highlight of every season since they shift the meta so much, and this season’s introduction of Rampart should be no different. As we’ve seen from her abilities shown off before, the new Legend has plenty to offer her team by sharing her arsenal with them while having perks that let her better survive on her own in firefights. Her ultimate is the one we’ve seen teased so often where she can place down a minigun called “Sheila” that either her or her teammates can use.

“Rampart places a mounted machine gun that anyone can use, with high ammo capacity and a long reload time,” Respawn Entertainment said about the Legend’s ultimate ability. “A max of 3 miniguns can be deployed at a time.”

New seasons typically bring more guns to the weapon pool as well. For Season 6, that means the introduction of the Volt SMG. It’s the first energy-based SMG of its kind in Apex and has been one long rumored to arrive in the game.


One of the biggest changes to happen in Season 6 is an overhaul of the armor system. The Evo Shields were first just tested to see if they’d be a good fit for the game, were later added permanently, and now they’re the only armor in the game. You can still find different levels of armor laying around, but they’re all considered Evo Armors and can be leveled up accordingly. You also spawn with Level 0 Evo Armor which means that if you drop hot and start blasting someone with a Mozambique or whatever you find nearby, you’re going to start building up armor right away. The only exceptions to the new Evo Armor meta is that you can’t find Red Evo Armor on the ground, and the Gold Armor that’s still quite rare isn’t part of the Evo Armor track.

These changes combined with all the buffs and nerfs for different Legends were all wrapped into the Season 6 update that’s live now across all platforms.