Apex Legends Season 7: Horizon's Abilities and How the New Legend Feels to Play

Apex Legends is adding yet another character in Season 7 with the introduction of Horizon, the brilliant scientist who adds new levels of mobility and innovation to the game. Previews of Season 7 shared through cinematic and gameplay trailers have shown some of what Horizon is capable of, and thanks to a hands-on opportunity with the character and other parts of Season 7, we now know much more about what Horizon can do and how it feels to play as the new Legend.

Like the other characters, Horizon has three different abilities: A Passive, a Tactical, and an Ultimate. Each of her abilities works in unison with the other to help support her team and disorient enemies as the situation demands. They’re also deeply connected to her tragic backstory that’s already drawn some Interstellar comparisons.

As part of the press event, we were able to go hands-on with the new Legend to see how her abilities function on the new Olympus map. Breakdowns of the abilities can be found below along with some impressions on how she feels compared to other Legends.

Passive – Spacewalk

Remember at the start of Apex Legends when players found out you could kick the ground after a big jump to mitigate the stun received on impact? That’s essentially what the big draw of Horizon’s Spacewalk Passive is. By utilizing her custom spacesuit, Horizon won’t be stunned the same way whenever she hits the ground after jumping off something. There’s still a slight delay, but once you go back to the other Legends, you’ll see how big a difference it is.

The other part of her Passive is increased mobility and control when she’s in the air. You won’t notice this part of the ability as much during your short or medium-height jumps, but when you’re taking great leaps and using her other abilities, it’s much more apparent.

Tactical – Gravity Lift

Gravity Lifts have been scattered about Apex Legends in Season 6 to give players hints of what’s to come. Those Gravity Lifts are indeed connected to Horizon as the Legend’s Tactical ability. By throwing a device down on the ground after tossing it a decent distance – imagine throwing Gibby’s Dome Shield – Horizon creates her own Gravity Lift. It’s on a fairly short cooldown as well.

Stepping inside the device’s vortex lifts players up into the air a bit faster than usual but not as quickly as Octane’s Jump Pad. Once you’re at the top, you can hang out there to make a decision before you move a direction out of the lift’s pull. You’ll get a slight speed boost in the direction you’re facing to help you reposition. It’s times like that when Horizon’s Passive becomes more useful.

Ultimate – Black Hole

Last up is Horizon’s Ultimate, Black Hole. As the move suggests, Horizon has found out how to harness the power of the space anomaly. By tossing her robot buddy N.E.W.T. onto the ground, Horizon creates a black hole in a location that immediately starts exerting its influence over those around it. It’s akin to Zarya’s ultimate from Overwatch for those familiar.


The Black Hole will pull in those around it towards the center of the force. It’s more of a crowd control effect than anything else, but it has devastating results if you can catch a full squad with it. It’s great for flushing enemies out of a hiding spot and can be used as a zoning tactic if needed, but it’ll also pull in Horizon towards its center, so don’t get too close yourself.

Apex Legends Season 7 launches on November 4th with Horizon and much more included.