Apex Legends Appears to Tease New Season 9 Character

Respawn Entertainment loves to tease Apex Legends content through snapshots with tons of Easter eggs embedded within them, and it looks like the developer has done that again this week. The latest image shared on social media on Thursday shows the inside of a room which perhaps belongs to the new Legend planned for Season 9. From recurring Apex Legends Easter eggs to hints about how the character fits into the bigger picture, there's lots to take in from the new image.

You can see the teaser below after it was shared by the Apex Legends Twitter account on Thursday. It looks as though it could just be key art for Apex Legends, but players who've scoured images for teasers in the past will know that it's never that simple.

Thankfully, players have been diligent about looking over the image for any hints of what's to come. The landmass shown on the map is none other than the Worlds Edge map, and the area circled on it appears to be right around where the Harvester is located. It's worth noting, however, that the calendar on the left dates the image in the year 2731 which was years before the harvester was dropped onto the map by Hammond Robotics in the game's fourth season. That means that whoever this room and its contents belongs to, they knew beforehand about the resources the planet harvester was after. We can see references to minerals both on the desk and on notes scattered throughout the room.

The paper to the right of the map has a list of names signified by initials on it that appear to correlate with known members of the Vinson Dynamics faction. The only initial not crossed off is an "A" with a question mark beside it, an abbreviation for what's thought to be Ash from Titanfall 2.

If this new teaser is indeed shot from within the room of the next Legend, it may give us a hint at their personality as well. There's candy scattered all throughout the desk as well as references to My Hero Academia and Death Note on the shelves, so make of that what you will until we learn more about them. A clever in-universe Easter egg also placed the Apex Legends: Overtime comic series releasing this year on the desk.


That new character is supposedly someone named Valk if leaks and datamining efforts are to be believed, but we won't know for sure until they're formally introduced. Another teaser in a separate video released this week hinted at that being the next likely Legend as well.