Apex Legends Video Hints at New Legend, Map Changes

Respawn Entertainment celebrated a new Apex Legends milestone this week with over 100 million players now active in the game, but the video shared alongside that announcement has some much more interesting secrets hidden within it. In the video, players can see what appears to be a hint at a new Legend coming in Season 9 as well as a brief glimpse of a map update that’ll happen on Olympus, the map which was added in Season 7 and has been one of the two playable maps during the current season.

The video below announced the lofty total of Apex Legends players in the game, and like the one before it where Respawn Entertainment celebrated 50 million players, it included scenes from players’ perspectives as they played throughout the two years the game’s been out. After some feel-good moments and some cinematic shots of the game’s Legends, we get to the good parts at the end of the video.

At 43 seconds into the video, we see Mirage on the Olympus map looking up into the sky. There’s a person floating high up in the air out of the reach of most other Legends. It’s assumed now that the character we see there is the new Legend who’ll be joining the game in Season 9. Leaks and datamines about characters happen all the time, but there’s reason to believe from looking at recent datamining attempts that the next Legend might have some sort of flying abilities or at least moves that give them increased verticality like Horizon.

By focusing on the Legend, it’s easy to miss where Mirage is standing which hints at yet another change. Mirage Voyage is nowhere to be found right now after it departed earlier in the season, but there were always hints to suggest the floating ship would return later. It looks like Mirage Voyage will call Olympus its home during the next season.


Immediately after we see the new Legend, we see a sprawling point of interest. It looks sort of like Olympus and may hint at a map change, but it also seems as though it could be the map for the fabled arena mode. It certainly looks like an arena with a mirrored layout and tunnels on each side and a bridge and waterfall bisecting the point of interest, but we won’t know for sure what the plan is for this area until later.

A date of April 19th was given at the end of the trailer, so it sounds like we’ll know more about the video’s hints on that day.