Apex Legends Update Fixes Frustrating Catalyst Problem

Apex Legends got a new update this week that took aim at a couple of issues affecting Catalyst, the newest Legend to be added to the game. Some of those issues involved things like audio problems or perspectives on certain animations which aren't quite as impactful in the big scheme of things, but one change which happens to double as a nerf for Seer counts as a fix that Catlayst players should be happy to see.

Respawn Entertainment shared the patch notes for the most recent Apex Legends update to provide context on everything that'd changed. The notable change in question is the one that makes it so that Seer's Passive ability, his heartbeat sensor, no longer works when it's aimed at Catalyst's Ultimate.

The full patch notes for the November 14th update can be found below:

Apex Legends November 14th Patch Notes

  • Mark All Replicator Zones prompt is available in the dropship
  • Seer can use Survey Beacons again
  • Catalyst ability audio has been tweaked to be less noisy for those nearby
  • The camera is now correctly placed for victims of Catalyst's finishers
  • Seer's passive heartbeat sensor no longer goes through Catalyst's ult
  • Onscreen effects now display the correct
  • VFX on Switch
  • Resolved a freeze affecting some players on
  • Broken Moon and other maps

The change regarding Seer and Catalyst should put to rest an argument that's been had within the Apex community since Catalyst made her debut alongside some trailers showing off her moves. One of those trailers made it seem as though Seer's abilities didn't work at all through Catalyst's wall – Seer's reaction to his Ultimate apparently not revealing enemies in the trailer, for example, certainly seemed to suggest that was the case. Some thought that the trailer was just for cinematic appeal and was not representative of how the abilities would actually work, but this update confirms that the plan was indeed to have Seer's Passive blocked by the Catalyst Ultimate all along.

But what about Seer's Ultimate? As of now, his best move still works through Catalyst's wall, though perhaps we'll see that addressed in a future update, too.