Apple iPhone XS Model Leaked


On Thursday, we reported the news that Apple was going to be unveiling several new iPhone models during its press event on Sept. 12. Thanks to 9 To 5 Mac, we've got a pretty good idea of what one of those models is going to end up being.

Based on the tweet below, the high-end iPhone model that the company will be introducing is called the iPhone XS, and it'll be available in a variety of colors, including gold. (That seems to suggest that the golden ring in the invite for the event is hinting at said model.) You can see the tweet below.

According to the site's report, the iPhone XS will be available in two variations, with both a 5.8" screen and a 6.5" screen, with OLED technology. In addition, it'll be available in a gold color, along with more general versions that have yet to be introduced.

As you can see from the picture above, this iPhone model is thicker than the rest, though it has a sleek design to it, including its gold trim and buttons. Again, this could just be for the gold model, although they'll all have a general design that fans should appreciate.

Pricing and other details haven't been revealed just yet, but we'll likely learn more when Apple's press event rolls around in the next couple of weeks. 9 To 5 Mac also hinted that we could be seeing the Apple Watch Series 4 revealed, possibly with a more budgetable line for folks that don't want to pay a skyrocketing price for one. It'd certainly help for those that want to take advantage of those features.


Based on what we've seen, Apple seems to be going all-out with luxury with the iPhone XS. Hopefully we'll see a surprise game or two to go along with this line that really shows us how far the graphics envelope can be pushed.

(H/T to 9 To 5 Mac for the extra details!)