ARMS For Nintendo Switch Gets A Springy New Combatant With Misango

One thing we really like about ARMS on the Nintendo Switch is how all its continuous updates are [...]

One thing we really like about ARMS on the Nintendo Switch is how all its continuous updates are free of charge. This includes new combatants that, in any other game, would require a fee to unlock.

And the latest update for the game has gone live, providing access to a new jungle stage, as well as a new fighter that is sure to mix things up – say hello to Misango!

In the trailer above, Misango is capable of quite a bit, as he can use his fast movement to go around the map, along with strikes that deliver quite a bit of pain to opponents. He can also don special masks that can boost his powers temporarily, with different effects for each of his arms.

Speaking of his arms, he has a number of them to choose from. There appear to be some snake-like hands that can weave around in different directions to get to their targets, something that's useful when it comes to slipping past defensive maneuvers.

There are also some fruit-shaped style arms that can actually do a little more damage to enemies, by basically splatting paint onto them, in a Splatoon-style fashion. If they hit your opponent, they can stick for a quick second before breaking free again. You can actually do extra damage if it sticks for long enough.

Finally, there appear to be some animal-shaped style appendages that can work very quickly to hit opponents. You can see all three of these types in the trailer.

There's also the jungle stage itself, with long posts with fists on the end of them, which can actually be broken apart with certain attacks. It's very cool, and a bit tranquil.

The update is available for the game now and should queue the next time you start the game up. Again, it's totally free, so feel free to jump in and give Misango a try!

ARMS is available now for Nintendo Switch.