Asmongold Shares Big Concerns With New World

Asmongold is a big fan of MMORPGs, but the streamer has real reservations about New World from [...]

Asmongold is a big fan of MMORPGs, but the streamer has real reservations about New World from Amazon Game Studios. In a new video posted to YouTube, Asmongold laid out some serious concerns about the game's beta, and how things are progressing. The streamer has apparently spent 182 hours with the game between the betas, and says New World is not ready for a release next month. The streamer claims things like core movements, attack patterns, and trading prompts don't work. Asmongold also stressed that he wants to see the game succeed, but there are a number of issues that could prevent that, if Amazon doesn't fix them.

"It is so dysfunctional. It is so laggy. It is so broken. It is not ready," said Asmongold. "And I don't know what they're gonna do. Because to be honest, I feel like a lot of the core issues with the game have not gotten fixed."

For those looking forward to the game, these comments will likely be very disheartening. Asmongold has made a name for himself streaming games like World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV, more recently. Asmongold's streams of Final Fantasy XIV have seemingly led to a massive surge in interest in Square Enix's game, so many viewers have come to see him as an authority on the MMO genre. The fact that Asmongold is clearly worried about New World does not bode well.

It's worth noting that other streamers have had kind things to say about New World. Recently, Michael "Shroud" Grzesiek praised the game, stating that gamers that don't traditionally enjoy MMOs will find a lot to like. That might be why Asmongold hasn't cared for it, but it remains to be seen what the actual consensus will be. With New World's full release just over a month away, it seems likely we'll get a much better idea what players think in the very near future!

New World is set to release August 31st. You can check out our previous coverage of the game right here.

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