Atari Reveals New Console Edition, Preorders Live

Atari has a new version of the Video Computer System (VCS) console called the Atari VCS Tribute Edition following the success of the Collector’s Edition that’s now sold out.

The Atari VCS, the well-known company’s foray back into console gaming, became available to preorder last month with the Collector’s Edition giving buyers a chance to get a one of the limited consoles with only so many being created. With all of those now gone, Atari is giving early buyers another chance to get something that’s still fairly exclusive with the console’s front panel made of real wood, though Collector’s Edition buyers can rest easy knowing that it won’t be part of the numbered collection.

“Those who missed out on the Collector’s Edition have another chance to pre-purchase the Atari VCS Tribute Edition, featuring the same iconic real-wood front panel,” a press release regarding the Atari VCS Tribute Edition said. “The Atari VCS Tribute Edition is cosmetically similar to the sold out Collector’s Edition but will not be part of the 6,000 ‘First-Run’ units of the individually numbered and certified Collector’s Editions.”

The functions of the Atari VCS will remain the same regardless of which console edition your purchase, but the Tribute Edition and the now sold-out Collector’s Edition offer something special for retro gamers who have fond memories of the older Atari consoles. These VCS editions feature the real-wood panel on the front that mimics that of the older consoles. If that’s not for you and you just want to see what the console is all about, sans wood, you can elect to get the Onyx Edition instead, a sleek, blacked-out version of the console. A number for how many Tribute Editions will be sold wasn’t provided in the press release nor is it mentioned in the Indiegogo page, so it seems like this one is here to stay until you’re ready to purchase it.


Atari’s VCS Tribute Edition is available through Indiegogo for $299, but you can also purchase the “all in” Tribute Edition for $379. This comes with both a classic joystick and a modern controller to supplement your gaming experience. If you’re not crazy on the wood paneling and would prefer the cheaper option, you can opt for the basic Onyx Edition that’s priced at $219 for just the console, but the Onyx All In edition with the controllers included is also available for $299 right now, the same price as the base Tribute.

Preorders for the Atari VCS are now live through Indiegogo.