Ataribox Details, Pricing, Release Window Revealed

(Photo: Atari)

Today Atari revealed some brand new details about its brand new console, the Ataribox. In a press release, it was revealed that this sleek new console will actually be running Linux, and will be powered by a custom AMD processor. Official specs have no been fully revealed, so as far as the guts are concerned, this is still the extent of what we know at the moment. Since the console runs Linux, you can expect this to not only serve as a wonderfully retro Atari console, which will no doubt see its own exclusives, but also as an emulation station, streaming box, and general media device.

So when can we get our hands on this, and how much is it going to cost? According to the release, Atari is planning to ship the Ataribox in late spring. It's expected to cost between $250-300. It was revealed that fans who decide to contribute to the upcoming Indiegogo campaign will eligible to call dibs on some special edition designs, and even a special price-point!

A potentially-discounted price-point will likely appeal to many of you reading this right now, since a speculative $300 price-tag is pretty jarring for a console we know next to nothing about. For $300, you can get a Nintendo Switch, a PS4, or an Xbox One S. What is Atari going to bring to the table to set its console apart and justify that asking price?

ataribox 2
(Photo: Atari)

Before we let ourselves get excited, we're going to need to hear a little more about the AMD chip inside. A forward-thinking APU could make all the difference, and believe it or not, we might be willing to dish out $300 for a super sexy Steam Machine. The huge X-factor, of course, will be the games. Nintendo has killer exclusives; PlayStation has killer exclusives; Xbox will eventually have some killer exclusives... What can we get on the Ataribox that we can't get anywhere else?

Let us know, Atari. We want to get excited about your console.