Atomic Heart August Update Live With Patch Notes

Atomic Heart's August update provides key fixes for Annihilation Instinct DLC.

Atomic Heart dropped this year to average reviews and sales, bolstered by the fact that it was a day-one launch on Xbox Game Pass. Since then, the developers at Mundfish have continually provided fans with patches to fix lingering issues and content drops to expand on the story. Earlier this month, Mundfish released the Annihilation Instinct DLC for Atomic Heart, opening up a new area for players to explore, as well as giving them new enemies and weapons to uncover. As with any piece of new content, Annihilation Instinct shipped with its share of bugs. Today, Mundfish has released Patch, which introduces several key updates for the DLC.

For the most part, this update is specifically being used to address some of the balancing issues that players have noticed in the Local Malfunction and Armageddon difficulties when playing through Annihilation Instinct. In the notes, Mundfish doesn't dig too deep into specifics, but it's clear that players have been noticing several things felt off, and the developer is taking steps to correct that. On top of that, Mundfish has also fixed a few more specific issues that Atomic Heart players have encountered. This includes things like adding localization fixes for different languages and ironing out a few of the crash issues that were rarely popping up.

You can find a full list of the patch notes Mundfish has implemented with Patch Atomic Heart is available now on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms, and keep in mind that the game remains available on Game Pass, making it an easy pickup if you're already subscribed.


  • RebalancedLocal MalfunctionandArmageddondifficulties in the Annihilation Instinct DLC


  • Fixed an issue with the functionality of elemental weapon cartridges(main game)


  • Fixed issues with music tracks overlapping during gameplay(Annihilation Instinct DLC)
  • Added localization fixes for various languages(Annihilation Instinct DLC)
  • Fixed a rare issue whereby it was possible to be locked out in tight areas during some encounters due to there being a large number of enemies(Annihilation Instinct DLC)
  • Fixed some rare crashes