Back 4 Blood Launch Trailer Released

Back 4 Blood's release is within weeks now, and to get players ready for the new zombie game's debut, Turtle Rock Studios released the launch trailer for Back 4 Blood on Thursday. The trailer shows the nonstop struggle between our human protagonists known as "The Cleaners" as well as "The Ridden," the zombie antagonists who come in both common and unique variants. The game is scheduled to release on October 12th for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC platforms, but it'll be available a bit sooner on October 7th for those who purchase certain editions of the game.

The launch trailer for the new Back 4 Blood game can be seen below to offer yet another look at the game if  you haven't seen enough of it already through previews or played it yourself during the beta period. It's got melee weapons, guns, combustibles, and plenty of zombies for players to use all those tools against.

We also get to see a few more for of the Special Ridden in action. Those who played in the beta got to take control of some of those to see how they worked in the PvP mode, and while this trailer appears to largely be focused on the campaign experience, we can see at least one or two scenes where the player is clearly in control of the Ridden within the game's PvP mode.

For those who haven't been keeping up with Back 4 Blood as much and are planning on getting it on release, you may want to read up on the PvP mode before you hop in, especially if you're expecting a recreation of the Left 4 Dead experience. The game's PvP mode is called "Swarm" and is not chapter-based like the ones from the Left 4 Dead games where players progress through the campaign mode while another team of infected try to stop them. Swarm is a round-based PvP experience where teams switch sides and try to see who can last the longest laying as the Cleaners. It's been confirmed that the game will not feature any alternative PvP modes beyond Swarm.

For those who want to play Back 4 Blood when it's widely available, you'll be able to do so on October 7th. For those who want to play early, you'll have to get the Ultimate Edition or Deluxe Edition to start playing on October 7th.