New Back 4 Blood Trailer Shows Off Card System, Gameplay

Turtle Rock Studios' Back 4 Blood got a new trailer this week to show off more of its card system, a defining feature of the game mean to ensure that each playthrough is different from the last. These cards and their effects as well as the game's Director system have been previewed more than once since the game's announcement and were even able to be experienced hands-on before during some alpha tests. The same trailer didn't reference the game's newish October release date nor any other date, so it looks like things are still on track for a release in a couple of months.

The trailer focusing on the card system can be seen below and should be beneficial for those who haven't been able to try Back 4 Blood themselves yet. It shows a couple of examples of different cards players might find in a match as well as an overview of how the whole system works.

When a match starts, the Director – the AI component to the game – chooses its own cards to generate unique types of enemies in a match. It also chooses detrimental effects that players will find during their runs with each set of circumstances likely to be different from the next.

After the Director has finished, it's time for players to choose their cards. Those range from weapons to defensive and supportive abilities and buffs players can bolster their team with. These cards are prepped in decks beforehand and essentially allow players to create different classes based on which deck they choose to bring into a match. Since you're drawing cards, there's a chance you might not get your favorite one from the deck right away, so it's important to round out your deck accordingly with powerful picks throughout.

For those worried about being outpaced by other players who've spent money on cards, you won't have to be concerned about that possibility at all. Turtle Rock Studios said on it site that cards won't be purchasable. The only exception to that is that cards will be added through paid content drops in the future, but the developer said it's working to ensure that the drops won't be pay-to-win.


While we've seen the card system highlighted more than once already, it's one of Back 4 Blood's defining features, so it makes sense. Hands-on experience with this system showed a game that looked to be more than just Left 4 Dead 3, though we'll have to wait until further tests are done or the game's release to see how the card system's final form looks.