Baldur's Gate 3 Stats Reveal the Most Popular Races and Classes

Popular Baldur's Gate 3 picks include Half-Elves and Paladins.

Between its races, classes, subraces, and subclasses, Baldur's Gate 3 has tons of character creation options to choose from, but players who've already created one or more characters in the game probably already knew that. What players most likely don't know, however, is how their choices stack up against other people's in terms of which options are the most popular when building a new character. Thanks to some newly revealed stats from Larian Studios following Baldur's Gat 3's massively successful launch, we now know exactly which options have been the most popular picks in the Dungeons & Dragons RPG.

Larian shared those findings in a community update that recounted some of the game's already impressive stats such as the fact that people have played for a collective 1,225 years already. As for the races, Larian said that the most-picked choice was the Half-Elf which may or may not come as a surprise to players. Squeaking in right behind the Half-Elf was the Human race which is a funny spot for it to be in considering how many options there are. The Halfling and the Githyanki were decidedly at the very last two spots, so if you're playing as one of those, you can know that you're certainly in the minority.


As for the classes, most of the options hovered right around the same level in the chart shown below, but that made it even more notable to see how far away the Paladin was from all the other classes. Cleric was a similar outlier on the opposite end of the scale and was far beneath any of the other options to pick from, though for players who had some insights into the game already, that could very well be connected to the fact that Shadowheart, one of the Origin characters in the game that players meet early on, is a Cleric herself which fulfils that need unless players decided to reroll her class.


Speaking of those Origin characters, Larian also said that Gale was the most common pick by those who opted to take on one of those characters' stories instead of creating their own custom build. Of those Origin characters, Laezel was the least popular.

These stats are only representative of what players have done between now and the time that the game fully launched, so it'll be interesting to see how these stats and choices change depending on what players do in the future if Larian shares another update like this one later.