New Batman Game Teaser Seemingly Reveals Another Look at the Game's Map

This week, WB Games Montreal has been releasing a number of teasers for what seems to be the next Batman video game. As with other recent clues, the latest comes from the @r3dakt3d Twitter account. The image in the Tweet below has the roman numerals for "364" hidden throughout. When those numbers are punched in on the third entry on the r3dakt3d website, they reveal another piece of what seems to be the game's map, as well as the words "Third Times A Charm." It seems likely that the full picture won't come into focus until Saturday's DC FanDome event, but fans are clearly having a good time trying to decipher the various clues!

The previous two maps have also been accompanied by clues. The first had the sentence "One Step Closer," while the second had "Face Two Face." It's impossible to say for certain just what the clues might mean, but the second seems to hint at the character Two-Face playing a central role. Of course, rumors have suggested that the game will feature The Court of Owls, as well. A fourth clue is set to release tomorrow.

Teasers such as these have become increasingly common around the video game industry. Earlier this month, Activision began releasing similar teases for the next entry in the Call of Duty franchise, challenging members of the fan and streaming communities to solve various puzzles. These types of teasers allow publishers and developers to build hype for their upcoming games, without showing too much.

WB Games Montreal has long been rumored to be the developer of the next Batman game. Nothing has been officially confirmed at this time, but an announcement will be made at DC FanDome. The developer has previously worked on Batman: Arkham Origins, while Rocksteady Studios, the team responsible for the other Arkham games, is currently working on Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. That game is also set to make its official debut during the event. It's been five long years since the release of Batman: Arkham Knight, but it seems that Batman fans will have a lot to look forward to very soon!

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