EA Refuses to Say How Many Copies Battlefield 2042 Has Sold

Earlier today, EA held its quarterly results briefing, and the company had a lot to say about Battlefield 2042. The game's launch was a bit of a mess, with basic features missing, performance issues, and more. As a result, EA claims that Battlefield 2042 sales fell below expectations, but the company declined to say exactly how many copies were sold. That's definitely not a good sign, but the company stated that it will continue to support the game, and players can expect to see a number of improvements made over the coming months.

"We are fully committed to realizing the full potential of this game, and fully committed to our Battlefield fans. We have already implemented a series of major updates to the game, and there is more to be done. Players can expect meaningful updates to continue in the weeks ahead, and we are shifting the first season of live service content to early summer as we work closely with our community to evolve and improve the core experience in Battlefield 2042," said EA CEO Andrew Wilson.

In the briefing, Wilson also stated his faith in developer DICE, and its ability to "go back in and re-build the core" of games that needed fixing. It's worth noting that Star Wars Battlefront II had a notably messy launch in 2017, but DICE was able to turn perception of the game around over time. It remains to be seen if that will similarly prove to be the case for Battlefield 2042, but that kind of positive word of mouth could help the game sell more copies in the long-term, and help to rebuild faith for those that have already purchased the game.

While Battlefield 2042's launch troubles were disappointing, they were not totally unexpected; there were reports that the game was having internal troubles ahead of launch. Hopefully the game's troubled launch will ensure that a similar problem does not happen for the next Battlefield game!

Battlefield 2042 is available now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. You can check out our previous coverage of the game right here.

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[H/T: Bravo Intel]