Battlefield V's Level Cap Is Being Increased

One of the Battlefield V community's biggest requests is being fulfilled during the events of Chapter 4 when the level cap is set to be increased. It's not just going up by a few levels either – the current Career Rank cap is set at 50, but in the later half of the next chapter called "Defying the Odds," it'll be increased to 500. Players will get rewards called "Promotions" as they hit certain milestones while ranking up to the new level cap, and between those Promotions, you'll get tons of Company Coin.

EA DICE announced the plans to up the level cap in a post on Reddit and on the game's forums. The plans outlined within the posts explained what will happen to players' level-up experience and how these Promotions will work. They'll be awarded every 50 levels with the first one starting at level 100, so anyone who's already hit the cap is already well on their way to the first.

"At level 100 you'll be Promoted for the first time, a new Dog Tag will be delivered to your Company, plus you'll now have a shiny new Career Rank Icon for your in game scoreboard," DICE said. "You'll receive further Promotions at Rank 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400, 450, and finally 500."

Players will amass a ton of Company Coin throughout this new leveling system, but one of the avenues for acquiring the currency is going away. End of Round Company Coin awards are being turned off to account for the new way that players will earn more of the currency.

"By the time you reach Rank 500, you'll have earned close to 2 million in Company Coin, just from ranking up by playing the game," DICE said. "Once you reach level 500, you'll continue to earn Company Coin through Assignments, Daily Orders, and Tides of War Rewards. To help balance out the addition of Company Coin earned per rank, you will find that End of Round Company Coin awards will be switched off once the new ranks are added to the game during Chapter 4."


Sometime in the later half of Chapter 4: Defying the Odds is the only timeframe we have for now about the level system update, but look for a more exact timeframe prior to the update's release.