'Battlefield V' Firestorm Battle Royale Trailer Releases This Week

Battlefield V players will finally get their first official look at the game’s new battle royale [...]

Battlefield V players will finally get their first official look at the game's new battle royale mode when the debut Firestorm trailer releases this week.

Laying out the plans for the week on Reddit in one of its weekly updates, EA DICE said players can expect the Firestorm trailer to release on Thursday. Along with the trailer, the rest of Thursday's content and discussions will be centered mostly around Firestorm with a new landing page dedicated to the even going live alongside a discussion about the battle royale mode.

There are a few caveats about the new battle royale mode and the trailer releasing this week though, namely that Firestorm won't be releasing immediately with the trailer. This first look at Firestorm is also a cinematic one, so it won't reveal the actual gameplay yet.

What will be in the trailer though is a release date for Firestorm ahead of more discussions planned to release next week. Battlefield V community manager Jeff Braddock responded to questions within the Reddit thread to say the launch date for the mode will be addressed in the trailer and confirmed that Firestorm will release at some point in March.

"A Battlefield V: Firestorm trailer is dropping on Thursday - and will talk about the launch date," Braddock said on Reddit. "Then we have a lot of blogs, another trailer, and information coming next week as we lead up to the launch."

Though this first trailer will be a cinematic one, people have already seen a glimpse of Firestorm's gameplay through a leaked trailer that surfaced around a week ago. The video appeared to be a tutorial for Firestorm that explained how the battle royale mode worked and how players would crack safes and complete objectives to bolster their loadouts. Braddock responded to a question about that trailer in the comments to say "the video that circulated was an older in-game tutorial" when asked if players had seen the trailer already, so though the tutorial might appear again in-game, it doesn't appear to be part of Thursday's cinematic reveal.


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