'Battlefield V' Will See Significant Attrition Changes

Following an extensive update on the weapons, vehicles, and other in-game goodies coming to Battlefield V come launch day, the team over at EA also opened up about the controversial Attrition system and how they are tailoring it for a better player experience.

This mode isn't loved by all because it is incredibly challenging but for those looking forward to taking to the Battlefield for a more realistic and tactical experience, the team outlined how they have evolved the Attrition system and what that means on launch day.

EA took to their blog to reveal what this mode means, "Less is more. In Battlefield V, you'll experience new tactical options and unique, varied situations where ammo and health can be obtained and shared in different ways.

"We call this system Attrition. We introduced Attrition to Battlefield V to make the game deeper, more strategic, and more satisfying for players who work together as a team. Attrition is built on a series of small changes that add up to have a big impact. Like many changes, it takes some getting used to."

Since the reaction has been mixed, they opened up on how this makes the game better as well as a few tips on how to make Attrition work for the individual player.

"We've designed this system of Attrition to give squad play and team work even more meaning – but that's not all. Scarcity of bullets and medical supplies also makes the game more dynamic, encourages you to think on your feet, assess risks, and make choices in whatever situation you're in."

They added, "After each encounter in previous Battlefield games, you were always quickly back at status quo with restored health and ammo. Now, situations will be special after each encounter. You may not have full health or ammo, so you need to act accordingly. Simply rushing for the next flag may not be enough – you need to change your tactic. Say you're down to your last mag, should you play it safe or engage those two enemies you have a clear shot on?"

They also explained how this wasn't about just upping the difficulty, it was about giving the game more depth. "Does the Attrition system make Battlefield V harder than earlier games? No – but it makes it deeper. Attrition gives more agency to you, letting you manage health and ammo through short-term and long-term methods. You can still regenerate up to max health, but you need an item and to press a button to do it. Your choice of Class and Combat Role can also affect Attrition; deploy as the Assault's Light Infantry Combat Role, for instance, and you'll regenerate a higher amount of health than other Combat Roles. Self-healing used to be unconscious; now, it will be in your mind more. It's a matter of learning the system – which everyone can do."


Limited Health isn't a new concept to FPS games by any means but the allocation of resources does add another layer of dedication to a good strategy. Players are in charge of their own health, which means a player's success or failure is up to them.

Battlefield V releases on November 20, 2018 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.