Bernie Sanders Starts His Own Twitch Channel

Bernie Sanders Twitch

There are many types of Twitch streamers on the popular platform. Plenty of people take to the site to play video games, create various art projects, discuss a wide number of things, among several other reasons, and they do it all to share with the viewers who flock to Twitch. One of the topics that some streamers enjoy talking about is politics, regardless of which side of the aisle people are on. That said, US presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is looking to take advantage of the audiences found on Twitch by starting his own channel where he and his team will go to touch on the important issues that are part of his campaign.

As reported by Recode, Sanders and company will be using Twitch as well as Facebook and YouTube to stream live videos about politics. More specifically, the presidential candidate will be discussing his campaign alongside his staff, with the first stream to go live on Thursday, June 27th, during which Sanders will be taking part in the Democratic debates. Before and after the debates, however, Sanders and team will be live on Twitch to talk about what is happening.

Digital communications director for the Sanders campaign Josh Miller-Lewis discussed the reasoning behind taking to the likes of Twitch and YouTube. Pointing out a recently surfaced video from Sanders in the 80s, he said that it is "something that's been part of Bernie's entire career." He then went on to say, "What we’re doing now sort of follows that same instinct of his, to talk about issues that may not be covered by the mainstream media and to give a voice to people who don’t otherwise have a voice."


For those looking to catch one of Sanders' streams, his official Twitch channel can be found right here. While we likely won't be seeing him team up with Ninja or Shroud to play video games anytime soon, we can certainly expect there to be a ton of political talk in the future. Also, if you're looking for a laugh, just hang out in the chat. Even before going live for the first time, there are plenty of people there, and you can imagine how well that is going.

What do you think about all of this? Is it a smart tactic to reach younger voters who may be hanging out on Twitch, YouTube, and the like? Sound off in the comment section below, or feel free to hit me up over on Twitter @anarkE7!

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