This 'Overwatch' Mei Cosplay Is A-MEI-zing

"Freeze, don't move!" Now Mei mains from Blizzard's hit shooter Overwatch can treasure the deceptively adorable hero in a new way with this incredible cosplay that brings the character to life with a much more casual twist.

Aside from us sharing her work previously, another reason she may look familiar is the fact that Buzzfeed loves calling April Gloria the "goth Taylor Swift" because of her striking resemblance to the singer out of cosplay and her penchant for a more rocksteady style.

She has so many other amazing cosplays in her portfolio, many that are exact replicas for characters we love. That being said, her more casual take on Mei is pure perfection (plus it's an amazing skin available for her in-game). To say this cosplayer is talented is a massive understatement. No matter the fandom she chooses to represent, she absolutely nails the look with her own personal flair as well.

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