BioShock May Be Planning To Bring Back Multiplayer With Next Title

BioShock recently celebrated their 10 year anniversary since the franchise's conception back in [...]


BioShock recently celebrated their 10 year anniversary since the franchise's conception back in August of 2007, and the 2K Games franchise is now looking towards the future of the creepy, yet beloved, series.

The latest in the franchise, BioShock Infinite, was a huge success racking in over 11 million titles sold. With the huge uproar of excitement from fans with the 10th anniversary collector's edition announced, it is very possible that a new BioShock announcement is on the horizon, which brings up a few interesting points of what could possibly come of it.

One hot topic that is on many minds both internally and with the gamers themselves is that of microtransactions. When Take-Two Interactive made the announcement that all future titles would have microtransactions, and the fact that said add-ons are usually a strong indicator of a multiplayer aspect in some form, it's very likely that the franchise will be making a throwback nod to BioShock 2.

The second installment in the series implemented multiplayer and it was met with some that loved it, and some that just didn't understand why it was necessary. The single-player narrative was a BioShock strong suit, so to say it was a split reception would be an understatement. With the definitive commitment to microtransactions for all future titles, it seems that the next BioShock, should it come to pass, will likely feature some form of multiplayer experience.

Keep in mind, this is all hypothetical. There is no announcement of a new BioShock as of yet, this is simply an observation of trends within gaming paired with a declared statement from the publishers behind the franchise. Is it possible that the microtransactions mentioned would solely be cosmetic for the single-player experience? Absolutely, but to bring back the multiplayer for the justification of microtransactions would be a safer bet for the company themselves while opinions are still hot (and opposing) on the subject.

The future of BioShock is a bright one, and we can only hope for more from this engaging series. For now, fans of the franchise can only speculate what's to come and what we hope to see from any future installments.