BioWare Clarifies Dragon Age Microtransaction Concerns

If you're anything like me, you were losing your mind over the confirmation that the team over at [...]


If you're anything like me, you were losing your mind over the confirmation that the team over at BioWare was "hard at work" on the next Dragon Age game. Though we've known one was in the works for awhile now, any information aside from the initial "it's happening" has been scarce. When executive producer Mark Darrah took to Twtitter a few days ago to give the good news, it was met with instant excitement, and instant dread.

The dread being from, of course, the huge backlash EA has been seeing regarding their microtransaction approach. Pair that with the confirmation that "every game" will contain them, their claim that "no one wants" single-player games, and their pay-to-win fiasco with Battlefront II, players had a reason to be concerned. When a report came out that the game would be focusing on "live" elements, those concerns only deepened. Luckily, Casey Hudson, upon his epic return to BioWare, has clarified the previous statement:

That being said, that usually just means DLC, but honestly - I'm just excited to see more and make it to Tevinter! Pair that with him teasing that fans will be "relieved" to see what they're working on and my bets are:

  • Sandal
  • Tevinter
  • A date (a punch to the face) with a certain elf
  • Sandal
  • Seriously, WHERE IS SANDAL?!

In all seriousness though, Hudson's work with previous BioWare powerhouses have fans excited to see his return and Mark Darrah himself is a machine of pure epic delight. If EA really has learned, as previous reports have stated, from their rush job on Andromeda, the next phase for our Thedas adventures are in good hands! For now, we wait. With no premise, no release window, really nothing but our hopes and dreams to sustain us, we just have to hope that BioWare continues to give us teasers in the way they are known for: with traumatizing teasing hints that make us go insane!